Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fotos Eroticas Lorena Herrera

Prawns with cream of Jerusalem artichokes and cardamom

tasty appetizers or as light? : D Well ... it all depends on the quantity chosen but is a recipe that is well suited for any eventuality.
This is a quick and simple dish because the prawns are lightly cooked. The
tipinambur, cleansed thoroughly, cook them in milk, a bit 'and onion oil.
Then you go all season with salt and pepper. To decorate I
fried Jerusalem artichoke chips and a tomato ginger ... (which is not to be underestimated because in the end flow cleans the whole mouth). Serve as desired ...
It could not be simpler ... of course finishing the dish with the crushed cardamom (had not lost) and one of sploveata black salt to bring out the bright colors of the ingredients.
ps: I hope to return soon with some more interesting post .... ... but always miss the time ... (


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